Jun 22, 2015

You can sit on 3-legs "DELTA stool" stability at everywhere !!!

I will introduce "DELTA stool".

This silhouette is sooo cool!! It's really sharp and soft comfortable. 

Don't you think so??!!

And when you put some these stools,they look so cute!

You can understand what I want to say,if you look at them from above.

And also it's very comfortable to sit on them.

I want to design cool, so their seats of chair are soft and their legs are slender.

Don't you feel that this seats of chair is floating??

You may worry about this chair is insecure. But it's wrong.

3 legs are the most safety and stability!!!!!!

If you still worry about it,please try it with your finger.

You understand soon that it's true.

This design of seats are really nice valance for sitting.

This design is reasonable and functional.

We can made them by ourselves in our factory,

So please tell us your taste.

We try to accept your request as much as we can!!

If you can chose your favorite colors, HOW NICE!!!!!!!!!!

I recommend you'll use these stool for a seminar or meeting.

You may have an inspiration.

These pictures are in "session studio".

We made lots of kinds of furniture, so please check our website.

Have a wonderful day!

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