Jun 27, 2015

We can remake your memorable table to your new room!!

This is our popular item, "table made from black iron flame and solid wood, series F"!!

I'm kidding!! It's joke!!

It's our remake table for our customer!! 

These are the same table!!! ↓

We are often asked to remake their memorable table to new home by customers.

Though to use furniture carefully is very important, we feel sad a little if you say poor or wasteful to your furniture.

We always try to understand a feeling of furniture because of my business.

We think they want to BE LOVED.

We want you to stay with your furniture with love, not wasteful.

Our life and feeling are always changing.

So it may be normal if you don't love yours so much, even though you bought them with big live.

I believe it.

Of course it's wonderful if you use your furniture for a loooong time with your love.

But if you feel them poor or wasteful, they may feel sad!

But! But! But!

How do you think if we have a special magic which we can change your feeling to love so much them again???

We are sure our "remake of furniture" is magic!!

Our business is to keep your "memory" and "new life".

We really believe so.

We know well that to buy new one may be cheaper.

If it's so, we're pride our customers if you ask us to remake yours.

You may feel happier then that you buy new one :)

One day we went to delivery one customer's remake furniture.

But it was impossible to bring into house!!! Their entrance was too small!! haha

Of course we never gave up!!

We took off their windows on second stairs and hanged from there.

We DID!!!

It's our PRIDE!!! 

And that next day my backache was so serious!!.......But I was so happy :)


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