Aug 22, 2015

I try decoration small AIRbnb room!


I have AIRbnb room.

It's too small room.

But I try decoration the room.

Please teach me if you have deco ideas.


AIRbnb room

Jun 27, 2015

We can remake your memorable table to your new room!!

This is our popular item, "table made from black iron flame and solid wood, series F"!!

I'm kidding!! It's joke!!

It's our remake table for our customer!! 

These are the same table!!! ↓

We are often asked to remake their memorable table to new home by customers.

Though to use furniture carefully is very important, we feel sad a little if you say poor or wasteful to your furniture.

We always try to understand a feeling of furniture because of my business.

We think they want to BE LOVED.

We want you to stay with your furniture with love, not wasteful.

Our life and feeling are always changing.

So it may be normal if you don't love yours so much, even though you bought them with big live.

I believe it.

Of course it's wonderful if you use your furniture for a loooong time with your love.

But if you feel them poor or wasteful, they may feel sad!

But! But! But!

How do you think if we have a special magic which we can change your feeling to love so much them again???

We are sure our "remake of furniture" is magic!!

Our business is to keep your "memory" and "new life".

We really believe so.

We know well that to buy new one may be cheaper.

If it's so, we're pride our customers if you ask us to remake yours.

You may feel happier then that you buy new one :)

One day we went to delivery one customer's remake furniture.

But it was impossible to bring into house!!! Their entrance was too small!! haha

Of course we never gave up!!

We took off their windows on second stairs and hanged from there.

We DID!!!

It's our PRIDE!!! 

And that next day my backache was so serious!!.......But I was so happy :)

Jun 25, 2015

Limited item "MONPE STOOL".

We made made-to-order "MONPE STOOL" for one customer which would match 

an atmosphere of his room.

And!!! We got these pictures from him to tell us that he received these stools.

One of them is limited item "SAKURA MONPE STOOL" which you could get only 
April in 2015.

Another one is his made-to-order one.

If you want to ask us to make it, you need extra charge. But we can accept your own order!

Have a wonderful time in your room with your OWN special MONPE STOOL :)

Jun 24, 2015


We are furniture manufacturer.

We make bespoke furniture and designs in Osaka Japan.

Our company name is "ROOTS FACTORY".

"NEKKO" is "ROOTS" mean in Japanese.

So we chosen "NEKKO" in English.

We started Twitter in English recently.


Our Facebook page is common.

And we have Instagram account.

And our company CEO and Designer is "Nobuaki Sakai"

His other

We have Online Shop.

But this site is Japanese only yet.

Please send us E-mail when you want our products.

Address is "".

Thank you.

Jun 22, 2015

You can sit on 3-legs "DELTA stool" stability at everywhere !!!

I will introduce "DELTA stool".

This silhouette is sooo cool!! It's really sharp and soft comfortable. 

Don't you think so??!!

And when you put some these stools,they look so cute!

You can understand what I want to say,if you look at them from above.

And also it's very comfortable to sit on them.

I want to design cool, so their seats of chair are soft and their legs are slender.

Don't you feel that this seats of chair is floating??

You may worry about this chair is insecure. But it's wrong.

3 legs are the most safety and stability!!!!!!

If you still worry about it,please try it with your finger.

You understand soon that it's true.

This design of seats are really nice valance for sitting.

This design is reasonable and functional.

We can made them by ourselves in our factory,

So please tell us your taste.

We try to accept your request as much as we can!!

If you can chose your favorite colors, HOW NICE!!!!!!!!!!

I recommend you'll use these stool for a seminar or meeting.

You may have an inspiration.

These pictures are in "session studio".

We made lots of kinds of furniture, so please check our website.

Have a wonderful day!

Jun 21, 2015

Dotonbori Osaka Japan

Do you know Dotonbori?

Dotonbori is famous place in Osaka Japan.

A lot of foreign tourists came to here.

This pic is Kani-Doraku.

This town is chaos atmosphere.

If you came to Osaka Japan, you should visit to this town.

Jun 20, 2015

Sometime we remake of old furniture.

We love colorful.

Because, colorful make us happy.  

These are "Remake" chairs.

Sometime we remake of old furniture.

Please CLICK and show more remake furniture!